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Featured listing

1.79 ACRES of Hill and Valley property in town with utilities near

There is no mailing address established yet, so I based my estimate off the distance from town center as addresses are determined
6010 Hill St Claypool AZ 85532
You can paste this in google to find it
33°24'18.8"N 110°50'39.4"W

short answer: 500 down 100 a month for first 12 months, then 200 a month. $19k total price
more options (after 12 months):
20k total for 1.79 ACRES at 150 a month
19k total for 1.79 ACRES at 200 a month
1.01 acre lot by itself 12k at 100 a month
0.78 acre lot by itself 10k at 100 a month

Videos of property

These are residential hilltop and valley lots that are at the edge of town so have the amenities and a lot of privacy too. Not much level ground as is. Though you could level out a portion for a house, or houses! Water? Well there is a water tower 40 ft from the property to the north at the same level, so I’d say yes. Power? There is power at the neighbors lot near the old slab which is approx 30 ft south of our property. Road Access, yes. County maps show 2 planned road access ways, plus a 3rd way used by the public water company.

This link will take you to the first street view junction
US 60 to Pineway Street

This link will take you to the second street view junction
Showing the T on Pineway Street From here RIGHT then quick LEFT up the rough gravel road

Recommended route: Road access from S Pineway St, take a right at the T and then quick left to continue up the rough gravel road (pot holes recommend truck or SUV) to the very end passed the last house and go left, there is space dedicated for access to our properties from there though its not labeled on google maps, but it is on County maps (which really count), its called Hill St at the end of S Pineway (see pictures of County map). Furthermore at the end of this way you may need a little grading done before you could take a car the last 25ft to the property.

Next link will take you to other roads that go there. Other roads that go there

For sale by owner (FSBO): Owner will carry (OWC), AKA Rent to Own, AKA Contract for Deed, AKA owner will finance the remaining. Full rights to occupy/build/improve from day one with no input/approvals from seller/lender! Easy to understand straight forward Notarized and Officially recorded contract for deed that lays out the terms that its yours, as long as you make the payments and I'll transfer the deed to you at final payment. Oh and I will help you use this deal to boost your credit scores (if you want)!
Please contact me if you are ready to meet up to make a deal.

The Purchase Process step by step

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acreage lot 1

On top looking to the North West cover photo

acreage lot 1

[Above] On top looking to the North West full photo

[Below] On top looking to the East mostly but slightly South, the larger Pine forest covered Pinal Mountains are to the right of this shot but not uploaded yet

acreage lot 2 roadways black and white directions

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