Acreage of hill and valley property at the base of the tall pines forests covering the Pinal Mountains \{^o^}/ check this out before its sold!!!

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500 down and 200 a month, 90 day late payment grace period! 2 lots next to each other, that equal 1.78 acres overlooking Miami, Claypool and Globe Arizona.

You can paste this in google to find it
33°24'18.8"N 110°50'39.4"W

HWY 60 towards Globe AZ
Right on 3rd street which turns into Pineway Street
Right on Wilson Street
Right on El Camino
Right on Obscure Way, then a left and then a right on what the county map shows as South rd., as in the pictures.
Then follow South up and the 1.78 acre property is just north of the slab.

Info on the other two roads you may see on the maps that go to these properties:

Another way to get there that may require a easement but is a paved rd to the top: from Obscure Way to E South Street that is mostly paved and goes right up there, though there is a cable lock blocking access to South Street, because no one else use’s that road except 1 neighbor to the south end of Obscure, that has the slab of concrete up there and a barn that is partway blocking where the road is supposed to go (according to county maps), so I don’t think they would mind letting their neighbor (you) have an easement to use the portion of South Street that is paved and already established that continues through their unused extra property. So just passed the concrete pad (approx. 30ft to the north) is where our properties start.

There is a 3rd road that goes right up here from Globe ST, though this 3rd way is used by the public water company for access to the water tower and doesn’t looked traveled much thick gravel and has a chain across the rd at the bottom.
Please keep in mind these are rather high resolution pictures and so please refresh the page to load more pictures.

acreage lot 4

On top looking to the West mostly but slightly South

acreage lot 5 acreage lot 6
acreage lot 7

Below picture: On top looking to the South

acreage lot 8 acreage lot 9 acreage lot 11

On top looking at South Road going down to Obscure way

acreage lot 7

Over view shot

acreage lot 81 acreage lot 91 acreage lot 7 acreage lot 8 acreage lot 7

Showing contrast from below looking up, see the water tower? The property is left of that. Plenty of off street parking here too

acreage lot 8 acreage lot 8 acreage lot 8 acreage lot 8 acreage lot 8 acreage lot 8