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This is mainly for the skeptics that are on the fence about checking out the property, not sure if this is real and or concerned if the person, they are making the deal with is steadfast. By day, I work in the realm of cyber security and or info sec helping keep people, intellectual property, and physical assets safe from cyber threats and am a cyber gate keeper or humble door man you could say. It's cool, but not exactly like the movies. It comes down to a lot of end user awareness training, like no I'm sorry I can't run as admin to help you Mr. Sr. Financial manager man to install that docking station driver you got from amazon because when I scan the driver you downloaded online from where the package said to get it, well it is loaded with trojan's, let me hook you up with your local deskside team to see if they have any extra approved devices they can give you. Please report that product to amazon and ask for a refund. It gets a bit more exciting than that when it comes to tracking down hackers but even that is way more exciting in Hollywood.

Before this, I was a Fire Fighter and when I was a Fire Fighter, I experienced a lot of action movie type near death adventurous experiences like being surrounded by fires and explosions, sliding down a steep mountain at full speeds like Naruto running but w a axe in one hand and a sludge hammer in the other w a backwards fire dept cap and 100's of people cheering from up on the road above as I (911)[Your Gladiator] run and jump off a mountain side and slide in total control down Apache Lake canyon to help rescue people trapped in a car that’s on its side; ready to fall over the last cliff- another 100 feet into the water below on a weekend and everyone went home safely. Your also reading the words of a man that has done everything he was medically trained to do perfectly and still has held people with his [sometimes bloody] bare hands as they took their last breathe... [Makes one grow up in certain way(s), and I don't think a dishonest or half-hearted person could write this.] Eventually, I got injured on the job during one of those Government Shut downs some years ago and I never saw a penny and never saw a day without pain and had to re-learn how to make my way through life since then, mostly sitting. The Forest Service did not show up to their fire that night, so it was just me and a few other structural fire fighters that saved a whole community and held back and put out a huge forest fire. We were surrounded by 40 to 60 foot flames in all directions and fought it all night without ever getting the initial 20 person forest service backup team we usually got on forest fires. Into the late next morning the forest service guys showed up to help w mop up and for us to turn it over to them since it was stopped in their jurisdiction 1000 ft or so before reaching the community. So, after working all night cutting trees and water cannoning away the fires; well driving a fire truck back across district, there was a 1st alarm church fire a couple minutes from where I was, so I responded, luckily it was a false alarm, but I was soaked and tired from being up around 24 hours and only a few hours’ sleep the night before because we were busy then too and anyways, cotton weighs a lot when its wet [next time you get a towel soaked you'll understand] and fire fighter turn-outs are primarily cotton like towels. I slipped out of the truck a little and landed on both feet but didn’t absorb the landing right, kind of stiff landed with that extra 150 pounds or so on me and stuff popped bad in my back differently, got real stiff quick, barely made it to bed, but I'm tough and positively focused, I don’t complain-- water under the bridge, though then when I awoke I was paralyzed from the waist down. Had to army crawl to the bathroom kind of stuff, thought I'd never walk again, it was months before I could walk ok but the pain has never left just sometimes takes a break. So I had to totally revamp my life and find a way to work differently; so got almost a Masters worth in College credits and focusing on Information Technology and use some of my skills to explore a bit into web hosting to find amazing deals to share and expanding my cyber footprint well reducing my carbon one. Here is another site I am working on that I made from scratch too, its nothing too special, more or less just my backup notepad -- for on the go w some common computer tech reference pointsMy Tech Tips Site

And if your still on the fence, I have a LLC to help relay confidence by authentication and can provide proof that my licence is in good standing.

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"Daughter needs a Kidney, Blood type A or O kidney4anahi@gmail.com"
This email is NOT directly related to my listing so PLEASE don't ask them about the property, they know nothing, but my postings are almost everywhere and get a lot of views so I'm sharing this because it was on the back of their SUV window.

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