Almost Half an acre in Camp Verde with small Creek

Camp Verde Lot with Creek

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy this site. I added some videos with how to see the property on the directions page. Please go check it out and if you want it let me know, my number is semi hidden below in a click box so hopefully it will help keep it off the robo call lists. Special offer only available for a limited time. 500 down, 100 a month for first 12 months, then 200 a month. $30k total price. 90 days Prorated Money Back Guarantee too!                     "Please remember this is supposed to be a paradise..."         Also if you want something like this listed or a general webpage made, I can make you a page like this for $125 total period end of story good forever no extra charges . . . \{^o^}/ . . .

Walking lot 1

Walking lot 2

Sorry not available anymore though...

Here is a similar deal 0.57AC w a canal and dirt road access 5 minute drive from Florence AZ

500 down 200 a month Rent to Own land with clear creek

2510 E Cross Road, Camp Verde 86322 AZ
Other ways of describing the physical location:
G5CQ+HP Camp Verde, Arizona
34°31'17.3"N 111°48'38.3"W
34.521460, -111.810637

Beautiful land with small clear creek flowing through it, giant green trees and mountain views all around! 18,730.80 sq ft (0.43 acres). 30,000 Total. 5 down payment and then 200 a month. Owner Will Carry (OWC), AKA Contract for Deed (Rent to Own). Owner will carry the remaining $29k loan and no interest, 90 consecutive day payment grace period, no late charges, and no credit check! Full rights to occupy/build/improve from day one with no input/approvals from seller/lender! Easy to understand notarized contract that lays out the terms that,
1.) Your responsible for it as if its already yours, so you can do as you please with it, as long as 2 & 3 are met.
2.) You make the payments without being more than 90 days consecutively late
3.) It is considered yours from day one of exchanging a cashier’s check, OR some kind of electronic payment (your choice) OR cash of 500 as a down payment to start the contract for deed that we both sign in front of a notary at any bank, you get a signed copy at same time and then the original contract gets recorded with the country recorder, so the deal is respectfully set in stone. So, if you loose your copy, no worries, the recorder can get you another copy of the original. Oh and I will help you use this deal to boost your credit scores (if you want)!

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More Info, Floodplain map & Dimensions
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The process step by step
PLEASE NOTE: I hope you understand this may get a lot of views. Please click through my other subpages for more info. This is all I know, and please only contact me if you are ready to make a deal. We can meet in person or do this entirely remote/contactless, where we both sign our portions of the contract w our notaries, I'll add a step by step process for that in the navigation menu up top. Thank you!

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