Below is a picture of the wash, the crossing sectiong is a little more developed than this, but I lost that picture, send me a better picture of crossing the wash and I'll send you 20 bucks

Camp Verde Lot126 Camp Verde Lot127 Camp Verde Lot29 Camp Verde Lot30 Camp Verde Lot29 Camp Verde Lot30 Camp Verde wash

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Camp Verde Lot15

Looking north slightly west from east near where the property ends, towards the property, well still on the property

Camp Verde Lot18

This is kind of taken in the middle of the property looking west, so to the gate is the property line that way

Camp Verde Lotblankont2 Camp Verde Lot19 Camp Verde Lot20

Looking South from the lower portion of the property

Camp Verde Lot21

Looking SouthEast towards where Lakeshore Drive is suppose to be in those big trees

Camp Verde Lot22
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