Secluded lot with lots of Privacy! No HOA. No utilities. Residential Property. Power pole near property (approx. 40ft), a couple houses to the north on the other side of the creek with layers of trees blocking them from view, so utilities are nearby. The lower HALF of this, and surrounding establishments (houses) are in the last 100 year floodplain also called 1% annual flood chance. So you may want to build your place up at least a couple feet if you build in the lower portion of the property (to get around flood insurance), though it may not flood at all either, there is established nice houses even lower in elevation! Not trying to scare anyone away, just want to make sure the person(s) I make a deal with are informed. What does floodplain mean to a buyer? It means if you were getting a loan to build a house, you'd have to get flood insurance, if you built in that lower portion of the property and didn't raise up the house. If your not getting a loan, then its entirely up to you.

Camp Verde Lot1

Showing property and the 100 year floodplain AKA Zone A 1% annual chance of flood event Legend:

Camp Verde Lot31 Camp Verde Lot132 Camp Verde Lot133> Camp Verde Lot134

So in the next picture down, if you look closely you can see the slight difference in elevation, less than 2 ft from the non floodplain half to the slightly lower half that is in the 1%

Camp Verde 140743

This next one you can see how nice this 1% floodplain land looks like when the land is taken care of! This is from my lot, showing the view to the west and south from the gate and shows the slight transition from floodplain and non floodplain of less than 2 ft! Where I'm standing is not floodplain. What your seeing is that 1% floodplain area. Make sense?

Camp Verde 140743 0.43 acres distance to pole distance to pole 40ft east side 108ft> east side 108ft" gate to edge gate to edge longest NS distance 148ft longest NS distance 148ft lowest WE distance 160 ft lowest longest West to East distance 160 ft N Side WE 135ft> N Side 135ft southside WE 119ft Southside East to West 119ft West side 105ft West side 105ft